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  • Etat Assigned
  • Pourcentage achevé:
  • Type de tâche Deployment
  • Catégorie Backbone
  • Sévérité Basse
  • Priorité Normale

FS#971 - [AMS] New backbone router deployment

We are preparing :
-> 2 new ASR 9912 routers, 100g-only
-> Migrate existing ASR 9010 to this 2 new routers
-> Add 2 x 100gb/s interconnexion to DC3
-> Upgrade distribution layer with a new 100g to 40g layer

This deployment will start in early september

Cette tâche ne dépend d'aucune autre tâche.

Thursday, 14 December 2017, 16:54 GMT
Deployment is ongoing, the traffic for dedibox servers in AMS is now using the new routers.