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Scheduled Maintenance
[SCALEWAY TICKETING] maintenance - Ticketing backend system to be upgraded

Object : Scaleway ticketing system

What is done : Ticketing backend system will be upgraded on a more powerful platform to scale up our activity

Impact : Customer won't be able to create new tickets or update existing tickets during all the maintenance

Start : 21-Oct-2018 1300Z (1500LT)

Duration : We expect to complete the maintenance in between 2h and 4h

[Network backbone] Scheduled maintenance on a link between AMS and Paris

In order to maintain the highest levels of availability and service, our provider is planning a network maintenance on one of our 100G link between AMS and Paris.
You might experience some network congestion during the maintenance.

During the maintenance, we will keep you updated through this status.

Start : 29-Oct-2018 2100Z 2300LT

Duration : ~6 hours

Past Incidents

Sunday 21st October 2018

No incidents reported

Saturday 20th October 2018

AMS1 [AMS] Temporary service interruption at room Hall 2 D, Rack : O5 and O6

We are having a power issue on Hall 2 D, Rack : O5 and O6 in Amsterdam. Multiple servers are impacted.


20/10/18 2130Z (2330LT)

The issue was fixed by our network engineers, network is functional again and all impacted servers. We additionally advise you to perform a reboot of a server via management console in order to come back to you configuration.

20/10/18 1930Z (2130LT)

Issue has been escalated to local team

Console Services delivery / renewal issues

We noticed payment issues affecting services delivery and renewal.
You may notice that services aren't correctly activated following a payment, nor is the payment showing up on your billing tab.

Please do not initiate multiple payment attempts as you may be billed multiple times even if services are not instantly restored.
We are fully focused on getting the issue solved and will updated the status as soon as we have additional information.

UPDATE: We have fixed this issue from our side

Friday 19th October 2018

No incidents reported

Thursday 18th October 2018

[HOSTING] Software Upgrade on our Web Hosting Platform, scheduled 3 days ago

Dear customers,

We're going to proceed with a software security software upgrade on some of our Web Hosting servers.

The maximum expected impact is a 15 min traffic disruption.

Scheduled time :

18/10/2018 0530Z (0730LT)

UPDATE: The maintenance has now ended. 0600Z (0800LT)

DC2 [DC2] Temporary service interruption at Room : 101 101, Rack : G35, Block : J

There is a temporary network issue at Room : 101 101, Rack : G35, Block : J. Multiple servers may be impacted.

Next update by 18/10/18 0830Z (1030LT)


18/10/18 0800Z (100LT)

The failed hardware part has been replaced and service is now back online as expected.

18/10/18 0320Z (0520LT)

Additional actions are needed to solve the issue and restore stability of services. Thank you for your patience.

18/10/18 0200Z (0400LT)

We are currently investigating and necessary actions are being performed.

Wednesday 17th October 2018

Global Backbone Link issue between AMS and Paris

Our network team noticed a network outage on one of our link between Paris and Amsterdam.
Network is still available between our datacenters, but traffic is congested as we have one less link than usual.

We are currently troubleshooting the route cause and will update this status accordingly.


17/10/2018 1130Z ( 1330LT)

Update : Link has been restored, we are still monitoring the network.

Mail [WEBMAIL] Unavailability of part of your mail boxes

This status is created following :

We have detected a new issue that prevents a few mail boxes to be reachable.

Our team has been informed of this issue and is currently working on its resolution.

Next update at 1230Z (1430LT)


18/10/18 0900Z (1100LT)

We are closing this status as the other part of the issue was fixed. remains opened as our migration is still ongoing.

Tuesday 16th October 2018

RPN services RPN-RSYNC service unavailable on DC3-1

Our teams noticed an issue regarding RPN-RSYNC hardware on a specific cluster (dc3-1). You may have issues accessing your data on this service.

Do not hesitate to contact our support team should you have any question.


Update 1515Z (1715LT)

Service is now up and stable again.
Thank you for your patience.

DC3 Network Unstable network in room 3-3 block C

Our teams noticed unstable traffic in a particular block in DC3 : Room 3-3, block C

You may notice packet losses or be unable to reach your server.

We are currently investigating the root cause and will upgrade the status accordingly as soon as possible.

Update 1215Z 1415LT

Services are now up and stable again.
Thank you for your patience.

Monday 15th October 2018

DC2 [DC2] Temporary service interruption at Room: 103 PRO, Baie : K8

There is a temporary network issue in DC2, switch went down and has to be replaced.

Room : 103 PRO, Baie : K8


16/10/18 0800Z (1000LT)

An issue was fixed, switch was replaced. All impacted servers are again functional.

15/10/18 2300Z (0100LT)

We are currently investigating and necessary actions are being performed.

Next update at 16/10/18 0830Z (1030LT)

Web [WEB HOSTING] FTP access issue

We observed an incapacity for some customers to access their FTP storage.

We are investigating the issue and we will provide you an update as soon as possible.

15/10/18 0729Z (0929LT)

The product team has identified the root cause and it is now fixed. It was related to the snapshot server unstability